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It is important to mention, that at Yellow Cake Company each cake is baked fresh from scratch. Nothing is frozen, there are no mixes and absolutely no imitation flavorings.  We like to bake like little grandmas.  None of that dern tomfoolery!

Some of our signature cake flavor combos are:

  • buttermilk vanilla cake with vanilla bean buttercream
  • dark chocolate cake, peanut butter ganache filling and peanut butter buttercream
  • buttermilk vanilla cake, key lime curd filling and vanilla bean buttercream
  • strawberry vanilla cake with vanilla bean cream cheese frosting or vanilla bean buttercream
  • buttermilk cake, lemon curd filling with fresh raspberries and vanilla bean buttercream
  • pumpkin cake with cinnamon cream cheese buttercream
  • almond cake, your choice of raspberry, strawberry or blackberry filling and white chocolate buttercream
  • coffee infused chocolate cake with cappuccino buttercream
  • dark chocolate cake, coconut pecan filling and milk chocolate buttercream
  • buttermilk cake with brown sugar apples and cream cheese buttercream
  • southern red velvet cake with vanilla bean cream cheese frosting
  • dark chocolate hazelnut cake, nutella filling and nutella buttercream
  • blueberry maple (pan)cake with blueberry buttercream

These are just a few of our favorite flavors but the possibilities are endless! So if you have a special request don’t be afraid to ask.  Please use the contact form to let Yellow Cake Company know what you are looking for and we will be happy to reply with more details.

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